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Romney did not win the debate

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This past week, the media narrative has been that Mitt Romney won the first debate against Barack Obama.  Obama did not perform well, but anyone who has watched his previous performances in debates should know, this is how he is in debates.

Anyone saying that Romney won, seriously needs to re-watch the debate.  Romney agreed that he wanted to privatize Medicare with a voucher system.  Romney agreed that he would not want any raising of taxes, only a complicated system that will somehow shift the tax burden without raising taxes which he will not explain and sounds insane.  Romney said he wanted to fire the moderator, and cut Big Bird Loose.

Obama essentially made no news.  When you have the lead, no news is good news.

In this “Debate” Obama went in with a clear strategy: lets take a few pitches, see what this guy has, use the information for my later at-bats.  Much like baseball, the Presidential Election is a marathon, and this debate was basically one At-Bat.

Yes, Obama could have destroyed Romney if he wanted to.  Yes, Jim Leher was one of the worst moderators that has every moderated a presidential debate, and needs to go back into retirement. Yes, the debate format sucked, and did not cover many parts of domestic policy?

How does this add up to a Romney win?  Is it because he lied at almost every opportunity, shaded the truth, flip flopped on many current positions, and did it without looking like a total and complete idiot?

Romney did not win the debate.  To quote Reverend Al Sharpton on the post debate coverage, “He gave great testimony, but he committed perjury.”  Perjury is a crime that always catches up with public officials, and this one will catch up with Romney.

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Written by Walt

April 22nd, 2019 at 1:03 pm

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