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Low-wage, part-time Staples jobs are Romney’s go-to example of job creation ‘success’

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Low-wage, part-time Staples jobs are Romney’s go-to example of job creation ‘success’

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October 15th, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Mitt Romney turns the screws

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Mitt Romney’s strength is often touted as a business expert, who works wonders and is a efficiency expert.  But really his expertise can be boiled down to just one idea: cut costs.  This is his solution for every problem that exists in business and government.  Pay less for things, do it cheaper, pay workers less, get lower rents, and so on.

Having run a business, I can say that it is obvious that cost control is really important.  Don’t pay more than you need to, don’t pay for things you don’t need, and watch the overhead.  While this is all true, this totally neglects the fact that increasing revenue is just as important if not more important than cutting costs.

Once you are buying your office supplies cheaply, paying as low a rent as possible, and you negotiate the best deals with suppliers, you’ve cut almost as much as you can.  Then what?

Lets take the example of a pizza shop.  If a pizza costs $2.00 to make, and you sell them for $12.00, that is a profit of $10.00 per pizza.  Business expert Mitt Romney would come in and say, use less cheese, buy cheaper ingredients, pay your workers less, get cheaper insurance, etc.  After all of this, the cost per pizza goes down to $1.00, and the profit goes up to $11.00.

The failure in this logic, when applied to business and government, is that this approach never factors in the value of increasing revenue!  Using the example above, instead of cutting all of the corners to make an extra dollar, why not just sell one more pizza?  That increases revenue, increases profit, and increases your business.  Growth is important in business, not just cost controls.

But in Mitt Romney, and the Right Wing’s single minded focus on debt and costs, no growth can ever be planned for.  Sure one way to increase the bottom line is cutting things, but that has a diminishing return which eventually bottoms out.  Then what?  Usually for Mitt Romney, at that point he gets paid, and moves on to another company to sell them his same cut costs snake oil.

A real way to grow a business involves investing, putting money in to receive a return.  If the business has growth potential, it needs capital and investment to expand.  This leads to growth, higher revenue, and potentially higher profits.

It is fitting that Mitt Romney would bring this same prescription to government, if elected President of the U.S.  He and Paul Ryan and a Republican Congress would try to cut their way to balance, but their cuts are so extreme that the possibility of growth in the future would be destroyed.  Revenues would never increase, and we would see years of stagnant and almost nonexistent growth.

Romney’s entire analysis of government deficits and social insurance programs overlooks one simple fact: the main driver of deficits and increased costs of insurance programs is unemployment.  In order to reduce tax deficits, more unemployment needs to get lower through job creation.  With lower unemployment comes increased revenue from taxes.  The same is true of other programs.  With more people working, there are less people needing benefits from medicare, medicaid, and other programs.

We cannot cut our way to solvency, nor should we. One trick pony Mitt Romney might think we can, and if he wins, he will try, but it will not work.  And unlike in private industry, there is no other country to move on to after he ruins this one.

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October 14th, 2012 at 12:54 am

Romney did not win the debate

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This past week, the media narrative has been that Mitt Romney won the first debate against Barack Obama.  Obama did not perform well, but anyone who has watched his previous performances in debates should know, this is how he is in debates.

Anyone saying that Romney won, seriously needs to re-watch the debate.  Romney agreed that he wanted to privatize Medicare with a voucher system.  Romney agreed that he would not want any raising of taxes, only a complicated system that will somehow shift the tax burden without raising taxes which he will not explain and sounds insane.  Romney said he wanted to fire the moderator, and cut Big Bird Loose.

Obama essentially made no news.  When you have the lead, no news is good news.

In this “Debate” Obama went in with a clear strategy: lets take a few pitches, see what this guy has, use the information for my later at-bats.  Much like baseball, the Presidential Election is a marathon, and this debate was basically one At-Bat.

Yes, Obama could have destroyed Romney if he wanted to.  Yes, Jim Leher was one of the worst moderators that has every moderated a presidential debate, and needs to go back into retirement. Yes, the debate format sucked, and did not cover many parts of domestic policy?

How does this add up to a Romney win?  Is it because he lied at almost every opportunity, shaded the truth, flip flopped on many current positions, and did it without looking like a total and complete idiot?

Romney did not win the debate.  To quote Reverend Al Sharpton on the post debate coverage, “He gave great testimony, but he committed perjury.”  Perjury is a crime that always catches up with public officials, and this one will catch up with Romney.

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October 7th, 2012 at 8:30 pm

To Look Skinny…

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In the Movie Back To School with Rodney Dangerfield, his character Thornton Mellon owns a series of “Tall and Fat” Stores, and his motto is “If you want to look thin, hang out with fat people”

Barak Obama is having a similar time right now, as he cruises to re-election.  No left wing challenges and no competent right wing challenger have left him along for the ride.  He is winning just by showing up and not sticking his foot so far in his mouth that he chokes on it.

He will never be called to account for punishing his left wing supporters, eroding civil rights, ignoring labor, the environment, and supporting indefinite detention mostly because Mitt Romney is so incompetent that Obama doesn’t really have to try.

I guess all it takes to look competent is to stand on a stage next to Mitt Romney and say, do you want some of this?

So, there is hope that he will accomplish some good for the country in his second term, but I for one am not holding my breath.  Instead we will get free trade, neoliberal policies, moderate war hawk international stances, and a continuation of where we are now.

Part of that blame lays at the feet of the Republicans, but really it is the Democrats fault.  They won’t push for good policies, just for their own re-election.

But, standing next to Romney, Obama looks like Einstein, Socrates, and George Clooney all rolled into one.

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September 27th, 2012 at 9:57 pm

Romney’s even bad at cheating on his taxes

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In the Bizzaro wold that we live in, apparently Mitt Romney cheats on his taxes by not taking every deduction due to him so that his tax rate wasn’t super insulting.  So he paid more in taxes than he needed to.

Does Romney cheat at golf by giving himself a higher score?

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September 22nd, 2012 at 4:45 am

Romney Campaign Rewards Failure

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan like to use a lot of tough talk about cutting “entitlements”, debt crushing the country, and rewarding hard work, so wouldn’t they run their campaign based on these principles?

Apparently, not.  According to NPR and NRO, in August the Romney Campaign borrowed $20 Million against their future campaign receipts and is over $11 Million in Debt.  This seems to go against Romeny’s own stated “Cut, Cap and Balance” program that would allegedly force the USA to “live within its means” and only spend money that it currently has.

By Contrast the Romney campaign according to spokeswoman Andrea Saul raised $66.1 million in August and spent $61.2 million.

To top it off the campaign paid out bonuses to its staff after obtaining the nomination, to the tune of over $200,000 for the awesome performance of the convention.

So, in summary, super slick, smart business consultant Mitt Romney’s campaign organization spends more than it takes in, borrows against the future, and rewards failure.

This is how Mitt Romney would run the country, except the bonuses would be larger and the failures for the American people would be graver than Clint Eastwood  yelling at a chair.

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September 21st, 2012 at 10:46 pm