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Let’s Cut Government Spending outside my state

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I love the Republicans; they separate the whole world into simple good and evil.  USA good, terrorists bad.  Private Enterprise Good, Government Control and Spending Bad.

The latter is apparently only true, as long as it doesn’t piss off home state voters or campaign contributors in an election year, according to Politico.

That story almost makes me wonder, is Obama smart enough to target programs in Republican States for the cuts he is proposing in his budget?  I mean, Republicans swore they were dead set against the stimulus, Governor Mark Sanford is now demanding his piece of the pie, to the tune of $300 Million for South Carolina.

And an Alabama Senator single handedly tied up the Senate in knots, just to get his handout, in the form of a multi billion dollar contract for companies in Alabama.

So, it appears that we need a new slogan for the Republicans, something to the effect of, I hate welfare for everyone else, but make sure my check keeps on coming.  Or, I hate the big government in theory, but in practice, just keep the pork barrel flowing in my direction and no one elses.  Is anyone surprised that the Republicans are so busy looking out for themselves, and screw everyone else?

Written by Walt

February 9th, 2010 at 5:30 pm

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