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Scott Brown’s Truck – Reality Check

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So, Senator Scott Brown is bringing his big, manly, regular guy who happens to be a real estate lawyer and former nude fashion model – self to Washington.  He bought it for hauling lumber, and doing manly stuff, which makes him a regular guy.  Except thats not what it is for at all, according to his interview in New York Times Magazine:

“It’s a regular truck.” Yes and no. As Arianna, the younger of his two daughters, told me, he originally purchased it not so he could haul lumber but so he could attach it to a trailer bearing her horse. He soon abandoned that plan. “It’s scary pulling a trailer,”

What a regular guy, you know, driving your daughter to her equestrian events on the weekends, while you are off work as a lawyer, but then getting scared from pulling a trailer?  This is the manly, regular man that the GOP claims is a populist destined to set Washington straight?

Well, certainly he does other activities that the GOP would get behind, like being a fashion model, who wears expensive pink leather shorts?

Arianna told me that he showed up for his first real date with her mother, Gail Huff, a TV newscaster to whom he has been married for more than 23 years, in pink leather shorts. It’s family lore.

The pinkish color drained from his face when I asked him about it during a conversation in his campaign office just before we took off in the truck. He clarified that the shorts weren’t something that he went out and purchased — it wasn’t like that at all. “I did the couture shows, and instead of paying in cash, they paid in clothes,” he said. “And one of the things I had to wear were leather shorts. And these happened to be pink.”

As he told the story, he seemed, almost in spite of himself, to get into it. “If I wore these now,” he said, “I’d get shot. But it was the ’80s. Pastels were in. It was all pastel-y.” The shorts went with his tan at the time and a pair of white shoes that he owned, so he gave them a whirl. “Gail comes out and she’s like, ‘Those are pink shorts.’ I said: ‘Yeah, you like them? They’re great. Comfortable. Feel this leather.’ ” With this last phrase, he slowly stroked the side of one of his thighs, apparently miming the gesture he made in front of her.

He emphasized: “This isn’t cheap leather. This is, like, $750 shorts back then.”

Ok, so he’s a rich guy, who was a fashion model, he’s a lawyer, and he’s scared to pull a trailer with his truck.  He wears $750.00 (circa 1980′s) leather shorts, and works for clothing instead of money.  This is the populist rebuttal to the elitism of President Obama?

On one more note, his wife starred in an awesome music video from the 80s.  Just watch it, its amazing.

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February 28th, 2010 at 12:51 pm

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