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Buried Lead Department: Republicans want to Deregulate Healthcare

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Much as the Republican answer to all of the nation’s problems is to cut taxes, and reduce regulations on corporations that are destroying America, and as well as that worked in Banking, the Republicans want to bring those ideas to Health Care.  On this past Sunday’s Meet The Press, David Gregory called out Senate Minority Leader Boehner for wanting to violate states rights, by allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines, which would then result in a Federal Regulator (which Republicans are against).

Here is the exchange from the transcript:

MR. GREGORY:  It’s interesting.  You say you don’t want government in charge of health care, and yet you’re a supporter of the idea of portable health insurance, the ability to take health insurance across state lines.  But I thought the Republicans were states’ rights guys and didn’t want–because you’d have to have some kind of federal regulatory agency to monitor that kind of portability, wouldn’t you?

REP. BOEHNER:  No, you wouldn’t have to.

MR. GREGORY:  Really?  Because that’s…

REP. BOEHNER:  What we’re saying is the American people ought to buy health insurance across state lines.  They ought to buy health insurance where they get the policy that they need for themselves and their family at the best price.

MR. GREGORY:  And there wouldn’t have to be some sort of federal regulatory system to, to receive that?

REP. BOEHNER:  Well, no.  That’s the whole point.  The president said, “Well, I’m for that.  But, you know, there’d have to be some bureaucrat here in Washington that needs to make sure that this is done fairly.” The American people are smart enough to do this on their own.


So, just to clarify, the Republican Plan would have no Federal Regulator, and would let Insurance Companies cross state lines, creating a race to the bottom in Health Insurance.

We have Sioux Falls South Dakota for Credit Cards, Delaware for Incorporating, and if this nonsense passed, I’m sure that there would be a scumbag low insurance state, which would build its business on attracting the worst companies that offer the least amount of coverage allowed by law.

So, big surprise, the Republican method for fixing the countries problems is to give Corporations more power, and pit one state against another.  Good work Boehner.

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February 2nd, 2010 at 4:29 pm

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